Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is a quick birthday page I did last night. I had some pictures laying around and decided to put this page together real fast.
This is the year that my sister, Kim, gave Garrett an iPod. How do I compete with that? Seriously. I don't even remember what I gave him that year. I remember that my dad asked for house plants. I found that a little odd, but I guess he liked my house plants a lot and wanted some just like them. Huh.
It's weird now that I think about it. Our family only really gets together for the birthdays that are in May. None of the other adults ever have birthday parties. We do parties for Ryan and Jordyn, but they aren't really like family parties. They are traditional kid's parties that we're just invited to.
Garrett has never really had a kid's party. We usually go camping on Memorial Day weekend every year, which is right around his birthday. So, we don't have much time to do a party. We have had parties for him while camping, but not really traditonal type kid parties--and not very many. Plus, it would be a little weird to have him a party without including my dad and my sister. Lacy's birthday is the same day as Garrett's, and Dad's is the day after. So, we usually just have a family barbeque for all three birthdays.
That makes me a little sad, but Garrett really doesn't seem to mind. He loves the family bbq--he's pretty close to Lacy's kids. And, his best friend, Dustin, is always welcome to join us.
Anyway. That's the spiel on why all of Garrett's birthday pages are family parties.

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