Monday, December 21, 2009

My Tattoo.........12*21*09

So, I've been wanting to get a tattoo pretty much since I was 18. I've always liked them and thought they were cool, but I was afraid of the pain. I was also afraid that it would be something I would regret. Well, after my mom died, I knew that I wanted one as sort of a tribute/memorial to her. That would definately be something that I wouldn't regret. But, I was still afraid of the pain and didn't really know what I wanted. Plus, I never had the money to get one. And, I wanted to make sure I had a good tattoo artist that wouldn't get it wrong.
Last year, my friend, Colin, got a tattoo from our other friend, Fawn's, cousin. (I"m pretty sure I just really butchered the grammar in that entire sentence lol.) I really liked her work. Then Fawn showed me some of the tattoos that Kami (her cousin) had done for her and her husband, Rick. Well, I was pretty much sold after that. I could see that she was good at what she did, and I knew I could trust her. But, I was STILL scared (and broke).
I thought and thought about it, and finally decided I for sure wanted to do it. I just kept waiting to have a little extra cash, which is sometimes hard to come by around here.
Then my sister, Kim, offered to pay for me to have it done for my birthday this year. I was totally excited--and nervous.
So, I called Fawn and she gave me Kami's phone number. Kim and I went over to Kami's house on December 12th and talked to her about pain, about design, price, and all of the aftercare stuff. I still knew I wanted it, so we made an appointment for December 19th to git 'r done.
That's pretty much the story. Yes, it did hurt. Probably more than I let on in some places. But, it wasn't unbearable. I don't regret it (so far). Although, in case you're thinking about it, the recovery is not all together painless either. I think it is beautiful, and I think my mom would love it.
We actually went to my Grandpa Mills's house last night (my mom's dad) to visit for Christmas, and I showed him. I was afraid he would hate tattoos (being 80 years old or so). But, he loved it. He seemed a little shocked that I was the one that did it, and I can't say that I"m surprised. I would't think it would be me either.
Anyway, here are some pics.

*The Sketch Kami made for me * and *Kami starting the outline* She used a special paper to transfer the image onto my leg so she could trace it with the needles.

Remember those parts that may have been more painful than I let on? *Almost done with the outline*

*Finished Product*

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Robin G said...

Nice Monarch butterfly, congrats.

I'll keep my plump pink flesh pristine though