Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a great Christmas. We slept in (I love having a preteen who values sleep almost as much as me :), got up and opened presents, then we went out to eat at IHOP with Kim, Jason, and Andy. That was pretty fun, except Andy took his thermal shirt that Kim got him for Christmas off because it was so hot--and someone freaking stole it. Nice Christmas spirit huh?
I'm so mad at myself. I totally forgot to take pictures. And I'm an obsessive scrapbooker! So disappointed in me. So, I made everyone pose for me because I need something to document it. Shane did take video, like he does every year, so it's not like it's lost. But, I'm still mad. So, these pictures are totally fake and posed, but whatever.
Shane looks so much goofier to me in this pic than he usually does lol. He just barely woke up, give the guy a break! Sorry if the shirt I got him, or the mug I got Andy, is offensive to anyone. I thought it was funny :) Maybe I have a warped sense of humor.

It was fun for me and Shane Christmas morning. We had Garrett believing that his Christmas would be really small and that we had no money to get the big things. That is actually true, but credit cards save the day--as long as you pay them off fast enough. He really didn't get that many presents, but two of them were expensive.
Shane told him he'd have to wait until his birthday to get a red-dot scope on his gun, and I told him that he wasn't getting an iPod because it was too much money. Just a little background here--I washed his iPod with the laundry about 2 months ago, so I was feeling really bad about it. I have told them both a zillion times that I don't check pockets, but still.....
Anyway, so I give him some accessories for an iPod as one of his last gifts, and he's all looking at me like I'm stupid and says, "Mom, I don't have an iPod." Then I tossed him the iPod for the last gift. He loves it. I knew he would. The last iPod he had was constantly in his pocket, so I was happy I was able to replace it. Especially since I'm the one who broke it in the first place.
Then, a couple hours later--when he thinks it's done and over with--Shane says, "Hey Garrett, Andy's never seen your muzzleloader. Why don't you go get it and show him." This should have thrown him off because Andy was actually there when he got it for Christmas last year, but he didn't even think about that. So, he goes to get it, and we hear this yell from the bedroom, "You guys are liars!". Shane had put his gun in the case with the scope he wanted already mounted. It was pretty funny.
Shane is off work from now until January 4th. Lucky! He might have to go in one day to unload a train car, but only for a coulple of hours. I of course, have to work. Such is the nature of retail. But, this will give my boys some quality time together. They are planning on doing a lot of duck hunting and going practice shooting up the canyon. Garrett's two friends that live next door got muzzleloaders and 9mm pistols for Christmas. So, they will all have fun with that.

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