Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow....I'm On A Roll

This makes three pages in one week! But, I go in spurts. Usually I'll do a few pages and then get burned out and end up not doing anything for a while. I'm hoping that if I change up the subject matter a little like I have been, maybe I won't get burned out so fast.
These are some random pictures of just the three of us girls during Christmas' when we were younger. Andy wasn't even a twinkle it our parents eyes yet. This layout is based on one that I found in my Close to My Heart layout book, Cherish.


Greg and Ali said...

You are amazing, Shelly.

Jacki said...

Cute pages Shelly!! You do great work and you should be so very proud of yourself for doing all these pages. Its hard to find time to do some scrappin' with work and all eh? They look great!! :)