Friday, March 6, 2009

NYC Baby!!

My sister, Kim, is taking me on yet another trip. Isn't she the best? Seriously. She is so awesome. She is flying me, my sister Lacy, and our cousin Shadette out in a couple of weeks to New York City for a long weekend. Can you believe it? I'm so excited I'm almost unbearable to be around lol.

We're going to see The Phantom of the Opera on B-R-O-A-D-W-A-Y. OMG! We're staying in Times Square. How much more freaking awesome can it get? I'm going to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Wonder if we can go see Ground Zero? I will get to experience real New York Pizza and Hot Dogs. Ah, the good life.....

Oh geez, what am I going to where? I mean, it's entirely possible that Stacey and Clinton might see me. Tee Hee.


LacyAsher#1 said...

Wouldn't it be so cool it stacey and clinton saw us and took us in and gave us $5000 for a new wardrobe!!! Theres no place like New York, theres no place like New York-as I click my shoes three times ;)!!!!

Tiffany said...

Do you think she'll adopt me??? That's awesome. I've always wanted to go there. I would love to go see David Letterman.

Jacki said...

I'm sooo jealous Shell!! Can I stow away in your luggage puuuulease!? I would love to meet stacey and clinton and get a whole new wardwrobe, I mean come on who wouldn't?
Your so lucky to get to see Phantom on broadway..OMG! Lucky, lucky!
Thanks for meeting us for dinner.Its always fun to see ya and catch up.
love ya Shell!