Thursday, March 19, 2009

Street Ball

So, yesterday was a really nice day. The boys in the neighborhood decided to play some street ball. They had so much fun. It was good to see Garrett get out of his room and away from the computer and video games for a while.
Then there were these two girls that must have walked by about a zillion times. I kept hearing them say things about the boys. Like, "Yeah I've known Garrett for over 5 years now." and "Hey Colin!". Then they were being really loud and doing all sorts of things to get attention from the boys. Pretty funny stuff. I remember doing that as a kid.

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Jacki said...

I can't believe how tall Garrett is now Shell. Crazy!! I'm so loving this warm weather, I hope you are too. :)
I love all your new scrapbook pages they are super cute.