Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up...

Whoa. Haven't blogged for a while have I? Well, September was a busy month for us. It always is. The hunts are in September, and lots of getting ready going on.
Plus, my dad got married last Saturday! So, yeah, lots going on.
This year Shane and Garrett both got a deer as well as our friend, Colin, that lives next door. They got them all within about a half hour of each other and all in the same place! Pretty cool huh?
John (Colin's dad) spotted them, Colin shot one, and then a bunch more just started popping up all over the side of the mountain! So they called us on the radio and we got down there as quick as possible and shot two more. It was awesome.
Here are some photos from the hunt:

Road hunting break
 Yes, that is my dad. Yes he is flipping me off.
We know how to treat each other right!
 Pam, Colin, and Dustin road hunting in the back of their truck.
 My dog, Angel. She is looking for deer, right?
I love dirt road photos with leaves. 
 G and his grouse.
 This is the only pic of me I have lol.
 Getting ready to go hunt some birds before the deer hunt opened.
 Shane giving our nephew, Ryan, a ride. Going to scout some deer.
 Wheeler ride and bird hunting trip.
 We were playing Jenga with the wood pile lol.
 This is a deer that we saw on the private hunting unit--can't shoot him. Lucky dude. Lucky.
 Colin's 5 point
 Garrett's 3 point
 Shane's 4 point--he is big!
 Group shot.

And here are some from the wedding:

My niece, Jordyn, and a the sign she made for the receiption.
"Grandma and Grandpa are getting hitched." 
So cute!
Diane is about to cry right here.
 Exchanging rings
 Kissy kissy
Group Family Photo
Stoker Family Photo--all my siblings, my dad, and his new wife, Diane.
 The pretty cake my sister, Lacy, decorated.
 Beautiful backdrop for a wedding, no?

Well, that's all I have to share right now. There is probably loads more that happened in the last nearly two months, but I don't remember right now. I am too old to be expected to remember that far back now lol.

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NanaConnie said...

Oh, Shell, you have no idea how I envy you the delicious venison steaks and roasts you're going to have this winter! Yummmm.
Congrats to your dad and Diane. :-D