Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Release at Heart Song Designs

There is a new release in the Heart Song Designs store this morning! This one is called Butterfly Fancy, and I just love it. I can't wait to start playing with this one soon. This little beauty is only $3 too!
Those of you who know me, know that I have a huge affinity for butterflies. I even got a tattoo a couple of years ago that is a butterfly with my mom's birth and death dates on it. In the Christian culture, butterflies symbolize your spirit leaving your body (much like a butterfly free from the cacoon) to go be with our heavenly father. So, I thought it appropriate to use as a memorial for my mom.
Anyway, I really love this image and you'll probably see something from me using it pretty soon!
Leah is also starting to add pre-colored images to her digi stamp offerings. This is great for those that are new to digi stamping or uncomfortable with coloring. When you purchase these you also get the uncolored image to practice with for yourself. Only $5 for the set of both! 
These can be found in the "Hand Colored Image Sets" section in the Hearts Songs store. I have links to the store and the inspiration blog in my sidebar if you want to check them out. Here are the pre-colored images she has to offer so far. Aren't they cute?


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Tiffany said...

You're awesome Shelly and I like the birdy with the flower, but eeek, I wish I loved their style more. It's a little to "frilly" for me I think. But again, I love everything you do! I have my b day card up on my magnet board in my kitchen and I look at it everyday and am so in love with it. I'm never taking it down!!

salme said...

This is wonderful!