Friday, September 3, 2010


I decided that I needed to get out of this little personal funk I've been in lately. So, I decided to make a quick scrapbook page. Okay, well a scrapbook page is really never quick for me. I take too much time trying to pick my paper and the layout of my pictures. So, this really simple layout took about 3 hours over two days lol. But, honestly, that is pretty fast for me. Especially for a layout with lots of pictures. I have to get it just right or I'll end up taking it all apart again and redoing it later. Yes seriously. And, yes, I do need help.
Anyway, once I picked my pictures, paper, and layout, this all came together pretty quickly. Only a couple little cute embellishments and I was done.
These are pictures of Tabiona Mountain. This is where we go deer hunting every year. These pictures were taken in 2008. I just started thinking about how we'll be up there in a few weeks, so it made me want to scrap about it.
I tried to post a picture of the layout all side by side, but it kept turning it lengthwise. I tried resizing the picture and everything. Not happening. So, anyway, the top picture is the left side, and the bottom is the right side.
I don't usually put the title in the top right of a layout, and I still feel like it looks a little weird. But, I'm not going to change it. I'm not.......

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Grams said...

Beautifully done. Keep up this great work. It is so fun to see your wonderful talen. Good luck with the job market. Hope you find something soon. Love You N