Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, we decided late on Friday night that we were going to go camping. I was so excited. We haven't been camping this year at all, and I don't even remember the last time we went with our friends. All of us used to get together every Memorial Day weekend no matter what. But, then people started showing up that we didn't know, and there was all this drama.
So, anyway, the original group of friends decided to get together and go camping this week. They were all up there since Wednesday, but Shane and I couldn't go mid-week because of work. It seemed like such a waste to tow the trailer up for one night. Shane was just going to go up for the day and ride, and I would visit with the wives on Saturday. Well, we got talking, and it was going to cost the same amount of money either way because our truck doesn't get any worse gas mileage with the trailer on.
Anyway, we through some food from the house in and went.
We had a blast. I forgot how exhausting camping can be though. Especially when you drink all day and forget to wear sunscreen. hurts to brush your hair when you have a sunburn on your head just in case you were wondering.
And, this will really shock a lot of you, I didn't take one picture! I am the queen of pictures (next to my sister, Kim), and I was having too much fun relaxing and catching up with my friends. I took a couple of scenery pics on the way down the canyon because the red in the dirt was fabulous, but they were all moving and blurry. Bummer. Oh well, life goes on. Hopefully I'll have lots more opportunities to get pics.

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