Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 8-- {Thirty Days of Thankful}

Today I am thankful for date nights with my hubby. We don't get them too often because we just can't really afford it, but he got his bonus from work yesterday. So, we splurged a bit.
We ran into my sister, Kim, and Jason at the restaurant tonight too. Which is a little funny because we have only been to The Pizza Factory twice in 12 years lol.
So, we all decided to share a table and do double date night instead!

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NanaConnie said...

I like this "thankful" a lot, Shelly! Nothing is more precious than time with those we love (take it from a widow of many years.) And remember, dates don't have to cost anything. A picnic in the park or a stroll through the woods can be just as much fun as a movie or dinner. :-D
I'm still not over this nasty strep throat so forgive if I'm MIA for a few more days.