Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Such.....

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent the day at home just our small little family and Shane's dad.
We opted not to cook a big turkey because Shane wanted to just try a boneless turkey breast. A long time ago a friend of ours cooked one, and it was awesomly moist and yummy. Well, ours sucked lol. We got the deli meat because that is what we thought she used. Apparently not. I think she used actual turkey breast. Not this pressed deli meat turkey. It is not nearly as good as a homemade turkey. Lesson learned.
Shane's dad and I both fell asleep on the couches and had some nice afternoon nappies. I loves me a nice siesta lol.
Then, later, we decided to give the early Black Friday sales a go along with some friends next door. Ummm.........can you say craziness? Lol. We started at around 6:00 on Thursday night and continued on through Friday morning off and on. Tiring! But, we got what we came for, and then some. \
I got a wireless router (yay!) and some security software for Shane's computer. We are going to dump it and restore it to factory settings now that I have a laptop. They had some REALLY good prices on that, so I was happy.
Shane got a PS3 Move system and a few games. He's pretty excited. I hope it works because I really liked playing the Wii and Kinect at the neighbor's house. If it works, we could have some fun family nights.
Anyway, that about sums up the last couple of days here in the Scott house. Going deer hunting with some friends tomorrow and the boys will go goose hunting Sunday.
I tried to upload pics, but apparently there is a 1 GB limit to how many I can post now? Lame! So, what, now all my blog posts can only be texts? Maybe I'll have to quit blogging and just use facebook. Hmmm...........that sucks!

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