Friday, April 30, 2010


I SHOULD NOT go to pizza buffets. I am a pizza addict, and it's a very bad idea.
Especially when I'm trying to follow a weight loss program.
Especially if I am going to walk a 5K in June.
Don't have much else to say so.......

The End


LacyAsher#1 said...

k we totally got papa murphys pizza tonight! It was only 4 points a slice and i ate 3 slices......not to bad, but then I ate tonz of cheese bread and like 6 cookies. Yeah um bad bad week! I still have bonus points and i hope i do good. Good luck to us both!

Tiffany said...

I love it!

Jacki said...

pizza buffets are a bad idea for me too. its alot of bread and it just kind of hangs out in your stomach for days and then when you weigh in it totally shows. but we can't neglect ourselves from things that we love, right? just get back on the wagon. :) miss ya Shell!