Monday, February 22, 2010


I got a new camera! I'm so excited. Shane let me get a little something with our taxes this year. Usually we spend it all on bills or new tires and boring stuff like that. But, this year he's getting a new TV. So, I asked for my share. He said the TV was for all of us (whatever!). If he can use that argument, bring it on buddy, because a camera is just as much for the fam as a big-ass ugly big-screen tv lol. He is getting a sweet deal from a friend of ours, but still. Ugly I tell ya.
My old camera has been acting up a lot lately. The shutter won't open all the way, and sometimes when you turn it off, it won't retract all the way in. It had a big ole' scratch on the screen too (I could have lived with that though). I'm still going to keep it for when I don't want to chance taking the new one, but I'm so happy to be able to get this one. My sister's both have it, and it has way better features than my older one. I though maybe this time I should get one that I could pass on to Shane if I wanted to later lol. My old one was a pink Sony Cybershot. Somehow, I don't think he or Garrett will want to be truckin' that one around.
I thought I had a pic of my old one, but it isn't saved to my computer anymore. I would take a pic, but I'm too lazy right now.

Ain't she purty?!


Jacki said...

Nice Shell! congratulations on your new purchase, i'm sure you will love it! :)

Grams said...

Pretty, yes and you will love it so much that we better see all those good pictures you will be taking. You do awesome with you scrapbooking and pictures are a huge part of that.