Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a Nice Fall Day

Today has just been one of those great fall days. It is cold outside, so we've got the heater on and we're curled up in our tv blankets watching some football. Or, reading a magazine while Shane watches football as the case may be lol. It's just a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon. I love these days. I wish I could just slow it down so I don't have to work tomorrow.
I'm making my first stew of the year today too. It smells so good. I try to make it like my mom used to, but I'm not sure if I get it right. I think it's pretty close. It has potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and elk meat. That part I know is different, mom wouldn't have been using elk meet lol. But, it is close enough. I think she just used the ready chopped stew meat from the grocery store. Hmmm...those are the same ingredients I use for roast, but I don't chop up the meat. Maybe we'll have that next Sunday.


LacyAsher#1 said...

That sounds soooo yummy(minus the elk meat!). I need to make some for my house!!! What do you use for the gravy. Is it just regular gravy?? Dusty would love my face if he came home one day to homemade stew and rolls. Yum, Yum!!!

ShellBell said...

I just use water, but you can thicken it with corn starch. It just adds a lot of calories. Or, I guess you could use gravy.