Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Home

We just got home from camping for 9 long glorious days. I love camping--I truly do--but 8 days without a shower is a bit much. We have a trailer, but if you're not camping somewhere that you have a water hook-up (not my hubby's style btw), you really can't use the shower. If you did, you'd use up all the water in the tank.
Anyhow, we had an absolutely fabulous time. We saw lots of deer, but we didn't shoot any because we don't really need the meat right now. We agreed not to shoot anything smaller than a 4x4 buck. Shane got a shot at what he says was a "monster", but it was a long shot with a muzzleloader and he didn't get it. I'm secretly happy, but don't tell him. I swear if we have to hang one more animal on my living room walls, we will need a bigger house. So far we already have 3 deer heads, one elk (small one--not a head mount), a goose, and a pheasant in there. Sheesh.
Thought I'd share a few photos. Some of the scenery ones look awesome, but when you open them you'll see that I was taking them in a moving vehicle and they are a bit blurry. Oh well, I tried. The sunrise one is gorgeous, and I wasn't moving, but I guess maybe I was shaking a little bit. Hopefully if I print it on 4x6, it won't show up too blurry.
I posted lots more on facebook if anyone is interested.


LacyAsher#1 said...

I really wish we could have went up for the weekend, but Dusty had to fix his heater in his car. He did by the way. I am so glad your back. I had like no one to talk to. I was bummed. Ryan wants Garrett to sleep over this weekend. His missed his bud. Anyway I will see you in about 30min. so bye.

Tiffany said...

9 days! Holy crap, you look good for camping for 9 days. I just got back from a 3-dayer (is that a word?)and I couldn't wait to get home, and I had showered. You're hubby must love you! It's so prety out there!

Jacki said...

Ahhhh..I LOVE camping too!! I don't mind getting dirty and such but I need to have a bathroom..hehe! Where did you go? Looks like an awesome place and I love the change in the color of the leaves. Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing your pics! :)

ShellBell said...

We went to Tabiona. It's about 15-20 miles past Strawberry (I think). It was gorgeous. And, yes, thankfully we had a bathroom. I'd rather not shower than do my business in the woods if I can help it tee hee.

Tiffany said...

Scott is going elk hunting in Tabby this weekend. I wasn't going to go, but if it's that pretty I might change my mind.